Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I miss you.

This isn't to one person in particular, but to many.
I miss my family.
I miss those who used to be my best friends whom I hung out with everyday and talked to for hours.
I miss the good ol' days.

It's all because of change.
You've changed.
I've changed.
Some of it really isn't for the better.

It makes my heart sink to think about it.

I want to start talking to everyone, but it's hard, I would have to keep some sort of list.

If we haven't talked in forever, please, say hi. It would totally make my day.

Monday, January 2, 2012


I'm addicted to perfume. I own over 30 bottles of it. 
I have acquired a fetish for blankets.
sometimes I save text's that make me laugh. for example.

Emily - I swear. If you abandon me on new years eve. I will punch you in the ovaries.

Father Figure - Are you taking a friend to be your wing man that's right I said Wong man. 
(fail dad, epic fail)

I laugh to much in bad situations. 

I'm becoming awkward.

I no longer sleep...I drink monsters instead.
I got a tramp stamp on new years eve. (a fake one duh)
If and when I do sleep it's usually on my neck weird and I'm certain I will have a weird hunch back by the age of 25.

My birthday is in exactly one month.
The world is supposedly ending this year. Let's live it up! 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011, you've been good.

Welcome to a recap of my twenty-eleven year.

The very beginning of my year looked something like this...

4:30 AM on January 1st I believe is when that very first picture was taken. All of us staying in Kelsie's room. The bottom picture is as follows...
Cinderella - Zoe
Belle - Nicole
Ariel - Kaylee
Aurora - Kelsie
Snow white - Emily
Jasmine - Me

  • My best friend Katy turned 16 on January 2nd :)
  • In January we also celebrated Martin Luther King jr day. Were we go to Los Hermanos and also celebrate my birthday even though it's two weeks after.

My studly nephew was also born on January 25th

on the 2nd we celebrated ground hogs day:)
Oh.. And my sweet 16!
I got a car.
I became legal to date.
life was good.
Snotty face much? haha

Frankly I don't remember anything else that happened that month.. haha
moving on.

  • My brother turned 26
  • My best friend Kelsie turned 16 on March 13:)
  • I asked Cole to Morp.
  • I attended the color festival for the first time
  • and I got asked to prom. :)

We could've said "It isn't 'kool' to get 'aids' but decided against it..

I'm still finding random colored chalk places...

Pop the balloons to figure out who!

  • I replied to prom.
  • Spirit bowl as a sophomore. 2013!
  • Easter
  • Prom:)
Yes Allan, I would love to go to prom with you:)

Spirit bowl:) class color blue.


Day date for prom

  • My niece got baptized.
  • I ran after the ice cream truck like when I was 7.
  • I attended morp with Cole.
  • We put the dog I've had for most my life down.
  • I met two boys that became my best friends.
Cole's answer. It was under the cookie tray he said yes:)

Last pictures before putting my dog luc down:(

Dakota, me, Kelsey. Seven peaks where I was basically dragged onto the boomerang and also called a hippo.. "a very fit hippo" mind you.  


  • graduated from being a sophomore to a junior:)
  • Took Steggell on his first date
  • My sister turned 28
  • Became sick with Bronchitis.
  • My best friend Zoe turned 16
  • I abused the pass of all passes.
  • summer fest and strawberry days.
  • all my friends came together without it being planned, we partied.
  • YCL retreat.
  • Temple visits with Kels
  • St george with the girls in my family
  • Girlie Camp 

Keep backing up.. I dare you.

Sherri dew:)

Bestest friend from efy!

Other bestest friend from efy!

  • Celebrated 7/11's birthday with free slurpees! (that weren't free)
  • Played in the rain
  • Went to the Owl city concert
  • Got whip lash from go karts..
  • Efy:):)
  • Still sick...
  • The final harry potter
  • My best friend Mo kwok (emilys) 16 birthday:)

Kaylee's date could no longer make it so I supervised ;)

Wrecking in go karts. what I do best.

  • Katy and I got our money stolen and I got my license stolen at Seven peaks (precisely the day I became legal to drive friends)
  • My best friend Kaylee turned 16
  • St george with Zoe:)
  • Cando trip with the beefs
  • Youth confrence
  • still sick.. just fyi.
  • I managed a football team
  • School started and Kelsie became a t-wolf!
  • I got asked to homecoming:)
Good thing her license didn't get stolen cause she was the one who drove..

Visiting our bestest efy friends when Zoe and I went to st geezy

Becoming kesha at 4 in the morning. And also getting locked outside

Youth conference. Rooming with Katy. One of the funnest nights.

  • Homecoming with Koy:)
  • Still sick.
  • Matching kool aid shirts. Seems legit. 
  • My best friend Nicoles 17 birthday
This boy was my absolute favorite... He was so much more than just my best friend. 

We own the same shirt so we always have to wear them on the same day now:) This kid is a stud. Watch out girls.

  • Columbus day
  • Sadies
  • The entire football team winked for me as I froze my butt off. And I gave them back massages. 
  • Healed!
  • Early morning kneaders
  • Delievered cupcakes
  • mom and dads bdays 
  • longboarded the canyon
  • Halloween:)
Kam answering me to Sadies

We have annual columbus day dates

We deliver cupcakes to people and take fail pictures

Haunted Forest:)

Sadies! Hobos scraight off the screet.

Halloween and telling Jake goodbye:(

  •  My heart was broken.

  • Celebrated 11-11-11 at 11:11 with Jadon and Koy at the "T"
  • Four way kiss with dakota, katy, and maddie

  • First hockey game with Zach.
  •  thanksgiving and black friday. 
  • I grew out a mustache?

Katy is not seen in this picture. We basically kissed via donut.

My cousins Amanda, Stephen, and Will. My brother Jameson is creepin' in the back.

Denny's at 3:30 in the morning black friday:)

  • I had a much needed girls night with Kelsie
  • My sweet "twin sister" Maddie turned 16
  • I attended the football banquet because I managed the football team for so many months. 
  • I baby sat my nieces and nephews.
  • I spent the very first few minutes of my christmas eve with jace and dakota. so fun:)
  • Opened Christmas presents at 4:45.. in the afternoon. 
  • Celebrated the End of a good year:)
Let's just eat our feelings and watch P.S. I love you
Cameron is my grandchild. Don't worry about it.
I love this boy:) such a babe.

Remember my nephew born in January? Told ya he was a stud.
Greatest person alive :)
Buffest most quality guy!

The sister wives.. We talk in English accents. Please acknowledge kotas beautiful flow.
Annual Christmas eve play date with Kay :)

I've had so many things happen to me this year. Some good, some bad. But it's been a very good year and I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!